Urban Life
Cities Under Pressure

Cities around the world are struggling to deal with major problems like congestion, air pollution and the impacts these issues have on the quality of urban life. The primary cause of most of these problems is our pervasive use of fossil fuel vehicles. Making our cities more sustainable is critical to addressing the climate crisis we are all causing.

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Urban Logistics
A growing Problem

E-commerce is driving huge growth in the volume of parcels for delivery in our cities. This has lead to unprecedented growth in the number of delivery vehicles on our urban streets. This is compounding the existing problems cities are already facing. With parcel volumes doubling every 4 to 5 years, a solution to the urban delivery problem is desperately needed.

Sustainable Urban Logistics
A New Way

Just like cities have infrastructure for water and power, we need systems that enable the efficient movement of goods and materials in our cities. StreetDock is a smart adaptable infrastructure system, designed to increase efficiencies and reduce existing impacts.

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Retrofitting cities for Sustainable Logistics

As city authorities and other stakeholders struggle to address these problems, we are seeing the introduction of measures designed to free cities of vehicular traffic. There is a global trend towards cities putting people, not vehicles, at the heart of urban policy, planning and design.

This has profound implications for the logistics industry as congestion charging and pollution taxes increase the cost of last-mile delivery in urban environments. This is already leading to higher costs for logistics operations, putting logistics companies under pressure to adapt to these new circumstances. Solutions for more flexible and sustainable urban logistics are being trialled in cities all over the world.

There is an “expectation gap” as the industry wants the consumer to do the last-mile, while consumers want a “better” home delivery experience. StreetDock makes both possible and more.

We Reinvent Cities

Phased deployment of our logistics infrastructure system

Phase 1

Introducing neighborhood-level consolidation points. We build our StreetDocks into the urban environment for efficient last-mile delivery.

Phase 2

We build out our infrastructure improving the efficiency of the system for our infrastructure network, on a city-wide scale.

Phase 3

A fully integrated smart infrastructure system for city-wide sustainable urban logistics. New capabilities and services are added to the StreetDock ecosystem.